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A Potted History

In 1996 my take on an energy ball was born, inspired by a baker and friend in my adopted city of Berlin. I brought it to London a year later, where 250 were made a week and sold in four London stores. However the travel bug called again and this market was disbanded as I set out on new adventures. However In 2015, I was asked by a pregnant friend who couldn't eat any spices to come up with a friendly high protein snack. The energy ball variation was reborn, and we found it a great snack while trekking up in Yosemite National Park, my part-time home from 2010-2017. There was something about eating them, hiking in the shade of giant Sequoa trees in   clear, cool mountain air so heavily scented with pine, I could almost taste the pine resin in the energy balls. Could I really ignore bringing them back into the world again? We looked at how not only only be organic, plant based (vegan) and Gluten free but how else we can engage with a local angle? its about the local area, gett

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